AudioPropellor Guide to Audio Gear For Your Computer

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The video above is from the guide – showing you around an audio interface. Check out the other video as well – I use my cutting edge illustration and special efx skills to illustrate how different microphones work.

These videos are from the first of several guides I have planned – lots of information – 20 pages in PDF, 2 videos and a checklist/spreadsheet for your organization.  It’s aimed at the beginner in the world of audio.  If you’ve been at this for a while, it may not be as worthwhile, although you’ll probably learn something.

This could also be called: Things to know before you spend a gob of money on your new studio.

It’s a summary of all my knowledge, in written form, for you dear beginners. Eyes bright and hearts full of musical adventure – you’re in for a treat as you explore your ideas using this amazing technology we have access to.

You really should read this to get yourself oriented in the sea of terminology and hype. Music isn’t that complicated, and computers can get in the way. Don’t lose sight of your goals and let the tools help you – they are amazing, but they are only tools.

Now you have a studio.  How to use it is another story, or video, which we’ll be exploring together if you’re up for it.

Get the book at Amazon today.

You can also access this book in ePub format as part of the Premium Pass.



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