Free Drum Samples for Logic, GarageBand and Ableton – Sam’s Sonor

A special present for AudioPropellor viewers.

This is my Sonor Force 3001 sampled and painstakingly placed into EXS24. There at least 4 velocity levels for each sound. Many more for the snare and kick. The snare has a left and right hand so you can play rolls on D-1 and E-2 easily. There is also a snare drum with snares off down below the kick at A-1 and G-0. Unzip the folder into ~/Library/Logic/Sampler Instruments and it should show up. (~ means your user directory)   Refresh the instrument list in the dropdown of exs24 if logic is open and you should see the instrument. This setting takes advantage of multiple outputs, with the snare, kick and hihats going to discrete outputs for your processing needs. This is my first attempt at sampling an acoustic instrument.

Many other samplers can use this format, so feel free to give it a try.  Heck, .exs files even work in GarageBand!

The goods….

SamsSonorExample (Example audio file)

SamsSonorSetup.logic (Logic/GarageBand project file)

SamsSonor_EXS24 (EXS24 Instrument and samples)

SamsSonor.alp (Ableton Instrument – you’ll need the sampler plugin)

SamsSonorSimpler.alp (Ableton Simpler Instrument – Ableton comes with this)

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