NOTE: Windows users may have problems installing these samples as described using iTunes. If you are able to get them on your iPad using Windows and iTunes, please leave a comment.

Room Boom is a drum kit for those who are a bit sick of surgical and accurate. This set of  iPad GarageBand samples is free for your usage.  The full Room Boom drum set will be released in the next week.

It is dirty, a bit over-driven and as the name implies – nice and roomy.

This is a ‘lite’ version with a limited number of samples and without all the fancyness the final version for EXS24 will have.  I hope you enjoy.  As you may know, this file can also open in GarageBand, and then in Logic.


Room Boom Drums for GarageBand iPad Edition

To install.

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Connect your iPad.
  3. Navigate to the ‘apps’ tab of your iPad in iTunes.
  4. Scroll to the File Sharing section at the bottom.
  5. Highlight Garageband.
  6. Drag the unzipped RoomBoom file to the file window.  The file is now on your iPad.
  7. Open GarageBand on your iPad and go to the My Songs area.
  8. Press the download symbol at the bottom.  It’s a down arrow sitting in a box.
  9. Pick RoomBoom from the list.
  10. Open the song file.
  11. The song has a sampler open which will have RoomBoomiPad open.
  12. You can play the drumset and proceed as usual.
  13. Overdub to your hearts content and rename the song when done.
  14. You can then import another copy of RoomBoomiPad when you’d like to use the set again.  Hopefully we’ll be able to save the set to library in the future.

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