MainStage and SooperLooper

SooperLooper is free looping software.  Lots of great features and it can integrate with nearly anything.

I set up SooperLooper, Mainstage and the mighty Max/Msp for a live performance environment. Substitute Mainstage with the AU host of your choice. This example is for MAC/Linux, but you could probably do the same thing with a program called Mobius for windows.

MainStage and SooperLooper make a nice pair, and it’s much easier to control 4 Loops in SooperLooper than 4 banks of LoopBack.  Give it a try – you might just like it.

    • I used sooperlooper when loopback didn’t exist in MainStage. Loopback is a bit more stable, but SooperLooper is easier to control multiple loops with a foot pedal – you can map your controls in SooperLooper – record, undo, clear, etc – and then go to the next loop and use those same mappings. With LoopBack, each instance needs it’s own mappings, which makes things a bit more tedious to set up.

  1. can’t get sooperlooper to respond in mainstage 2. i am running it as the au plug in. it seems to start up as it should but then i can’t get sooperlooper to respond to midi or audio. i have sl running as an insert in an aux channel on a bus. mainstage recognizes the audio and midi signals, but doesn’t seem to be getting the info. to sl.

    i have mac os x lion, with profire 610 and midisport 2×2 and fcb1010. (i am brand new to logic/mainstage)

    any ideas/suggestions???

    i’ve been using the gibson echoplex since it was oberheim, and sooperlooper looks like an outstanding evolution of a great looping concept…so ihope to get be able to utilize it.

    • I’d take a look at midi patchbay. You’ll need to set your midisport as and input and SooperLooperAU_in as the output. Then assign, learn and add the mapping. You’ve also got LoopBack in MainStage, but SooperLooper is much easier to map and use multiple banks. On the other hand, I had stability issues with it in the past. That was a year or two ago, so maybe things will be better now – we’ll see!

      Good luck – welcome to the world of computer based looping! I’m working on eBook looking at the available loopers and then working building the ultimate looping setup and I was about to start on the Ableton Looper, LoopBack and SooperLooper this week after looking at some other loopers this previous week.

  2. Hey Sam, thanks for the quick response!

    I got midi patchbay going and was then able to assign, learn, map my fcb1010 in SL preferences, but sooperlooper still does not respond to audio or midi or mouse. When I click on the record, etc. buttons they blink green.
    Mainstage still recognizes midi signals and now SL prefs gets the signal, but SL AU does not seem to be communicating with mainstage. Any thoughts?

    I’m really hoping to get Sooperlooper going because it seems much more intuitive to me, but it looks like I should start digging into Loopback.

    • What are your versions of MainStage, OS X and SooperLooper? Just want to make sure you are on the same as me. I just set it up yesterday and it seemed to work fine after getting midi patchbay up.

    • Looks the same as what I’ve got going here. However, now I’m trying to start up SooperLooper and it’s locking up MainStage. I’ll have to reboot sometime and try again…

    • Please check the settings in the sooperlooper preferences and make sure the OSC port matches what is shown in the MainStage plugin (not the SL GUI).

  3. I think I’m having the same problem except I’m trying to use SL with Logic Pro 9. I’ve done everything right up to the bit of assigning record buttion. I’ve got my MPK mini USB keyboard into Logic which recognises the signal but the MIDI bindings bit in SL doesn’t recognise when I hit the MPK pad. I’ve tried selecting cc but the c note doesn’t show. I know I have the rest set up because SL even recognises the signal on the main window. Thanks for any help in advance!

    • If you doubleclick the plug in a channel strip, it will pop up with a plugin window called SooperLooperAU. Look at the top gray area of that.

  4. when i double click sooperlooper on the insert, a window opens with ‘audio [stereo 1/8 note]’ at the top and ‘sooperlooperAU (32 bit)’ at the bottom, the center of the box is ‘click to open plugin interface’ which opens SL. when i go to controls view in that window, it show osc port: 10051, which is the same number in SL prefs port.

    by the way…thanks so much for all your helpful info. and assistance!

    • The (32 bit) doesn’t sit right with me. Try this – go to your Applications folder. Right-click Logic Pro and select ‘Get Info’. In the ‘General’ section at the bottom, you should see a checkbox: ‘Open in 32-bit mode’. Check that and try restarting Logic and see if things are working.

  5. sam…you’re my hero!

    finally making some progress. it must have been that 32 bit thing in the application ‘get info’.

    so now i have sound and midi control working through mainstage 2 and SL. i have four loops set up in SL, but loop 1 seems to be getting about twice the audio signal as the other loops. (all the ‘in gains’ are 0.0)

    • I seem to remember having this problem. I should have some time to check it out this weekend – let me know if you get it fixed before then.

  6. okay…now i’m getting audio and midi into mainstage and sooperlooper. however, the sopperlooper aux track is not responding to audio signal, though midi and audio are going to sooperlooper au. i am pre-bussing signal to SL aux. i seem to be recording into SL, but SL ‘main out’ is not showing anything; thus the lack of signal to mainstage track?

  7. In this video are you using a USB keyboard or MiDI? I’m thinking about getting a Behringer fcb1010 to control sooperlooper. Any info on connecting the fcb1010 would be great.

    • You’ll need to get either an audio interface that has a midi input and output or a dedicated usb midi io box – like a midisport 1 x 1. This is one drawback of the fcb1010. My keyboards are all USB attached.

  8. i’m pretty sure that sam has a complete video setting up the fcb1010, which got me going in the right direction. i currently have the fcb1010 ‘sorta’ controlling SL through mainstage 2 and logic 9. the strange thing is that the only commands that will work are record, undo, next/prev loop; though the other mappings seemed to register just as these.

    so close to looping bliss…

  9. Good thing I’ve got an audio interface then! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve tried assigning commands to the pads on the akai mpk mini and the two that don’t work properly are next/prev loop. They skip over too fast even when I press lightly (the wrong track gets selected). I can’t see an fcb1010 video listed on here.

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