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More fun with MainStage.  It’s all the sounds of logic with some awesome looping capabilities, effects and toe super easy mapping.

Learn how-to:

Map a keyboard with floating splits – bam.

Add some drum pads for more triggering – zam.

Do you have an XY controller?  You can map your XY all over the place in MainStage!

Audio instruments, UltraBeat sequences controlled via pads, sustain pedal, UltraBeat parameter automation, set organization and mastery master class.

You will be subjected to a short musical ‘performance’ to whet your whistle for your new performance contraption.

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Propel Yourself!

AudioPropellor helps you rock your Apple devices.
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Here's what you have to look forward to...


You'll learn how to set up your system and get started making music on your Mac. GarageBand will have you dancing in the aisles, just don't knock over my beer.

Experienced Users

Pick up tips and tricks to save you time and improve your sound. Logic Pro has a reputation for being complicated, but you can forget that nonsense.

Live Performance

Take your Mac to the masses - looping and other live performance techniques await. We'll be surveying tools so you can find the perfect match.

In the Studio

Take your productions from the mic, to the Mac, to the speaker. With a few affordable add-ons you can record, mix, score and master.