1. Hi Sam – Great video and really helpful for first time beginner. I have a question…

    Is there a way of setting a screen control so that if you hit a key repeatedly it cycles through all the possible listed states of a parameter?

    So for example I have created a button in layout mode and have attached it to” Loopback/Synchronisation/Snap to” This parameter has 4 values “Off”, “Beat”,”Bar and “Loop”. The default behaviour allows me to toggle between two of the states or you can set “Use note velocity” in the map parameter tab of the Screen Control Inspector, and that will set any of the values depending on what velocity you hit the key with. This “use note velocity” method allows me to get any of the 4 states but its a bit hit and miss. Also it would not really work for a parameter like “Group which has 28 or so listed values.

    Any advice gratefully appreciated!

    • Alan,

      That’s a problem I’ve had as well. The easiest solution I’ve found is to use a knob that sends midi cc and the control will typically handle that fine.
      If you have a set of buttons, those could be set up to send different cc values and set the same software control to different settings.
      More advanced controllers or some type of software like max/msp or pd inbetween the controller and mainstage could do exactly what you are after.

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