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AudioPropellor is a video tutorial site with a focus on audio tools for your Mac. GarageBand, Logic and MainStage are the programs most often being demonstrated – but you’ll get exposure to other tools as well.  Some of the tutorials are only available for members.  There are two membership options…

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I am serious about my screencasts. The audio and video quality is top-notch. I don’t make short little videos that show off concepts you’ll need to research on your own. I take time to explain and build everything before your eyes. The videos are hosted on an amazing video hosting service which will provide you with quick playback no matter what device you are using – even your iphone, ipad or other mobile device.


Learn how to record a song in GarageBand (62 minutes)

I take a song from beginning to end, aside from the final mix.  With a microphone, a guitar and a MIDI keyboard, we create a song using GarageBand.  You’ll learn some of the basics in GarageBand and we’ll discover some little quirks along the way.  Learn how to record a song in GarageBand with the first in the ‘Project’ series for GarageBand – Project: Songwriter.

Learn how to record drums in GarageBand (56 minutes)

I show you how to use two affordable microphones to record a drumset with surprising results.  Topics include drum tuning, microphone choice and technique, creating tracks for your microphones, setting appropriate recording levels and mixing – including the equalizing, gating and compression of our recordings.  GarageBand is a surprisingly capable recording application that comes bundled with your new Mac.

Preview Video.


MainStage Essentials (89 minutes)

MainStage is a live performance host for logic and other Audio Unit plugins. Mainstage 2 brings a few new features, a looper (LoopBack) and a backing track unit (PlayBack). All the pieces are there for a wonderful live tool, and I’ll show you one way to assemble them.  This video gives an overview of a possible setup.  The next two videos show you how to achieve a similar setup.

Building a MainStage Live Looping Setup with LoopBack (40 minutes)

We focus on learning MainStage, just the basics, including working with channel strips and the difference between the Concert, Set and Patch.  MainStage is awesome – and only $30 at the App Store!

Lesson 1 from MainStage Essentials

★The AudioPropellor Guide to Gear for Your Computer

E-Book in ePub and PDF format (23 Pages) 

2 supplemental videos (33 min)

The AudioPropellor Guide to Gear for Your Computer is a  summary of all my knowledge, in written form, paced for beginners. You’re in for a treat as you explore your ideas using this amazing technology we have access to.  The book covers the hardware and software you’ll need to record audio and produce music on your computer.

You should read this to get yourself oriented in the sea of terminology and hype. Music isn’t that complicated, and computers can get in the way. Don’t lose sight of your goals and let the tools help you – they are amazing, but they are only tools.  The guide also has two supplementary videos, that you can view without registering on the site.

Microphone Polar Patterns Video

What People are Saying

Here are a few comments from people who have enjoyed the tutorials.

“Great work. Thank you. I was absolutely daunted by the whole Mainstage program and now I’m inspired to have a whack at it.”


“Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your videos. I perform live-looped music for a living using hardware-based effects and a Boss RC-50. I’ve been looking into a Mac setup that will give me more flexibility and I think this may be the route I take. Keep the vids coming!”


“This has to be the most helpful tutorial ever.

I have spent countless hours searching around youtube and asking people and they are telling me all this crap, telling me to download these things that just don’t work. But this tutorial, hit the nail on the head, got right down to the basics and you really explained it.


“Thanks for the awsome videos!”


“Fantastic Video. I learned so much, especially being new to MS.”
-Richard McDowell


“Hi Sam, i love these mainstage videos, well done! they are packed full of goodness.”

$10- 1 Month Premium Pass

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To get a month pass to all AudioPropellor videos for $10, use the button below. Signing up takes just a minute or two. Get the best screencasts for MainStage and GarageBand for a low price, with a money back guarantee.

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