Microphone Polar Patterns Demonstrated

Polar patterns shows how much a microphone picks up from different angles – and I’ve tried to go about showing it in an interesting and easily understandable way in this video.

In this video from the AudioPropellor Guide to Audio Gear For Your Computer I show how the major microphone pickup patterns look and respond.

Knowing this stuff with let you pick the right microphone for the job at hand.

Here is the performance video I mentioned in the clip, concerning the bi-directional Fat Head Cascade Mic.


Mics Shown:

  • Electro-Voice 635A
  • Rode NT5
  • Electro-Voice RE 16
  • Cascade Fathead II
  1. Thanks for this and all the other great stuff you have on this site. I point my students here all the time for good audio resources.

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