Room Boom Drums – EXS24 Samples

This kit is a bit of a bad ass – not for the audio surgeon in you. Recorded in mono with a single overhead Electro-Voice RE10 and the Audio-Technica 4047 out front of the kick. This kit brings the solid sound. It is not transparent or clean. It’s driven, loud, and roomy. Boom.

Did mention these aren’t just free EXS24 samples, but I include files for kontakt, reason and protools? Well it’s true, but I haven’t been able to test all of them except kontakt, but you can probably expect them to at least be mapped correctly.

EXS24 is a sample format that Apple’s Logic Pro uses – many other samplers can import this format.

It’s set up as a multi-output EXS24 instrument. Enjoy the Logic Pro template to get you going quickly. Also note the hand drawn layout in the contents of the zip – it shows the groups and mapping.

Tested in Logic Pro 9. Also included are Kontakt, Reason, and Protools sampler formats. Please take note – they haven’t been tested aside from the Kontakt version, which had the mapping right, just not the hi-hat muting and one shot properties.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

To install for Logic:

Audio Sample:


Audio Sample, drums only:


Another Sample:


The instrument files (make sure to get these!):


Logic Template:


  1. Hi Sam, this kit is awesome, I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I found it, thank you for posting this and allowing us to download it for free. There’s just one problem I’ve been having… I can get it to work in EXS24 without any troubles but when I drag the EXS kit file into Ultrabeat (as per Logic’s instructions for using an EXS instrument in Ultrabeat), it won’t save! I can get it to play just fine but once I save the kit and close and re-open Logic, it loses track of most of the samples!

    It’s very strange behavior because it will retain the sample location and all velocity layers for only the first two kick drums at C1 and C#1 but the rest of the kit says “no sample loaded”. I’ve tried pasting the EXS file and samples folder in several different locations all over the HD including:
    HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments
    USER/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments
    HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Ultrabeat Samples
    …and many more!

    What’s even more peculiar is that I’ve also downloaded your SamsSonor drumkit and tried dragging it into Ultrabeat to test it and after saving, closing and re-opening, it worked flawlessly! But the RoomBoom kit just won’t save properly. Could there be something about the aif files themselves? I checked the read/write permissions on all the sample files and even repaired disk permissions to be safe… but the Roomboom EXS instrument just refuses to save in Ultrabeat the way the SamsSonor kit does. I even tried on another MacBook and in both OSX Snow Leopard AND OSX Lion.

    I know you must have moved on to other things by now but you gotta understand, when I heard this kit, I flipped out and it re-sparked my creativity and made me excited about working on my music again.

    Anything you can do to help me get this to work in Ultrabeat would mean a great deal to me.

    Thanks again,

    • Have you tried saving your song with all samples to a project folder? It’s an option in the save dialog. Maybe this will straighten things out.

  2. Thanks so much for the rapid response…

    I’m sorry, I should have mentioned that in the previous post too… yes, I’ve tried that “save as” option with the ‘include EXS samples’ and the ‘include Ultrabeat samples’ options checked.


    • Well damn. The sets were created using different methods. Sonor was done by hand in EXS24 and RoomBoom was done with a 3rd party utility from redmatica. I’m not sure what the issue could be with this. If I have some time I’ll give it a try and see if I can find a fix.

  3. That’s funny, while scouring the net for a solution I came across Redmatica as a way to try and FIX this problem… thinking that if I could rebuild the EXS kit with some outside software that it might make some magical difference… but the cost was way, WAY out of proportion for me.

    Thanks for looking into this for me!

  4. These sound excellent! However I’m having a problem (in Garageband) where the snare changes brightness/loudness randomly every few beats. I have checked that the velocities are the same and they are fine. I’m not having this problem with the Sonor kit. Any ideas?

    • Very strange. I wonder if GarageBand is ‘randomizing’ the velocities? Seems doubtful. I’ll try to check it out some time.

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