Q:  I’ve registered, but am not able to see the members only stuff.

A:  Make sure you have confirmed your account via the email address you entered.  Be sure to check your spam folder for that email.  It may take a minute or two.  You may have mistyped your email address, so if you don’t get a message you can try registering again to see if your email is in use.  If it is and you never got your confirmation, please send your username or email to our support email address, shown below.

Q:  I’d like to renew my Premium Pass, how do I do this?

A:  Go to the sign up page and checkout via PayPal.  You’ll end up back here and will need to log in once more.  Once you’ve done this, you’ll have another 30 days access.  I recommend waiting until near to the end of your month long Premium Pass before renewing.  When you re-purchase the Premium Pass, your 30 day access period will be reset and you will lose the remaining days from your previous Premium Pass.  This is how things work for now and I’m looking into a way to change it.

Q: I bought the Premium Pass, but am not happy with the content – not really what I was looking for, what can you do?

A:  If you’re truly not happy with the tutorials after seeing them, you may request a refund.  You don’t owe me an explanation, although any ideas you have are welcome.  Just shoot me an email for your refund – see below for the address.

Q: I see a line though my membership level (Premium or Member) and can’t see the videos I’d like to see. What happened?

A: You either didn’t confirm your email for the free membership or have cancelled your PayPal payment. Check your junk box of your email or contact support for additional help.

If you need help with anything, send an email to:

sam <AT>

I’d love to hear what you think. Have an idea or request?! Drop it in the form below.


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